Homeowners insurance

Homeowners insurance

Even a small incident can cause more expenses and damage to your home than you would expect. Don’t take the risk, let us advise you on the options and extra services we offer, all with very attractive premiums. ENNIA offers 3 different homeowners insurance policies, from very basic, to very comprehensive.


  1. Basic Home, ideal if you just want coverage in case of fire. The minimum insurance you need if you don’t want to see your investment go up in flames.
  2. Ideal Home, covers almost everything. Damage in case of break-in, fire, flooding
    and water damage, storm, earthquake, riots, falling trees, broken windows, and any sudden and unforeseen “acts of God”, are all covered. Receive a free liability insurance policy up to f 1,000,000 ($ 550,000), and a payout of f 5,000 ($ 2,750) in case of death caused by an incident.
  3. Flexible Home allows you to create your own Home insurance package.


Let our experts provide you with free advice on how to reduce the chance of break-in and damages to your home, with our special prevention programs and online prevention shop. And in case you do have damages, you can count on ENNIA for quick and efficient claims processing. Take out an ENNIA Homeowners insurance policy now and receive 2500 Fun Miles.


Interested, or want to know more? Click on more information, make an appointment, or get a homeowners insurance policy through your broker, at ENNIA or online.

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