Education plan

Education plan

Even before your children are born, you want nothing but the best for them. A good education is extremely important for a great future. An Education Plan from ENNIA ensures financial security once your child is ready to attend college or a university. With our Education Plan, you can build up a solid education fund by paying low monthly premiums. The sooner you start saving, the lower the monthly premium will be. Since student loans are limited, and educations are very expensive, your Education Plan will help you eliminate this big financial obstacle.


An Education Plan from ENNIA is an investment in the future of a child. It guarantees capital for your child’s education, but also in case of death of the parent. The Education Plan offers lots of options for customization and implementation. Let us inform you about all the possibilities.


Invest in an ENNIA Education Plan and receive 2500 Fun Miles.
Interested, or want to know more? Click on more information, make an appointment or get an education plan through your broker or at ENNIA.

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